Marriage was not working out the way Alexis Venton had imagined. Her husband was lazy, and their house needed repairs which Chris promised to make but never did. When Alexis came home after work and found the shower still not working she had enough. Alexis went to see their next-door neighbour and asked to use his shower. When she finished Alexis decided to teach her no-good husband a lesson by inviting their neighbour over and fucking him right on their matrimonial bed.

But that wasn’t enough for Alexis. She wanted to make sure her husband would never forget the consequences of his failure. When the cuckold arrived home Alexis invited him into the bedroom where Chris was shocked to find their neighbour naked, in bed. Alexis ordered Chris to suck their neighbour’s cock, and refusal was not an option. Chris caved into the pressure his wife asserted and accepted this new role, watching his young wife fuck another man and cleaning up the mess afterwards.