Having fun was one of Ember James’ priorities but her stuck up husband couldn’t understand that. Ember loved raves and had to go alone to them since Marcelo thought the music was too loud. Thankfully Ember had hooked up with Jean and both of them had had such a great time dancing the night away that Ember had forgotten she had told her husband to meet her afterwards at the park, leaving him to wait for hours.

After ordering her wimp husband to go back home and wait for her, Ember brings back Jean for more fun. Marcelo didn’t like this new twist but his objections were useless. He had to watch his wife suck another man’s cock but Ember wasn’t happy with that, she ordered the cuckold to join in the dick sucking. This was too much for Marcelo but Ember wasn’t going to take no for an answer and like always Marcelo caved into his wife’s demands.