Kennedy Kressler’s personal trainer adds his big black cock to her exercise routine

Black Bi Cuckolding 5

Petite blonde Kennedy Kressler was tired of her husband’s flabby, hairy body and convinced him to hire a personal trainer for her. She figured a personal trainer would be fit, and Kennedy’s expecations were surpassed when Lucky showed up. She could see a big bulge in his pants which didn’t take Kennedy too long to spring free. Her husband Scotty came back to find Kennedy’s mouth filled with black cock, but his complaints fell on deaf ears.

Kennedy didn’t stop her fun, on the contrary she ordered Scotty to join in. The cuckolded husband once again gave into his wife’s desires, and watched as Lucky’s huge black dick stretched his tiny wife’s pussy like his own puny cock never could. The blonde wasn’t finished humiliating her husband yet, she made him suck the stud’s cock to get it nice and wet so it could slip into her pussy easier. Scotty tried to object, but to no avail. He ended up swallowing his pride and Lucky’s dark meat. - Femdom TGP
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