Maia Davis and her husband’s marriage was in deep trouble and they hoped Dr Robert Axel could help them. The issue was that Jimmy couldn’t make Maia happy in the bedroom and this had created unbearable tension between them. The couple had heard that Dr Axel had saved hundreds of marriages with his cutting-edge treatment and were willing to do anything that he asked.

As Dr Axel performed his examination he asked Maia to get completely naked. He examined her pussy, inserting his fingers inside her and found that it was physically fine. When he asked to see Jimmy’s penis the root of their problems became evident and couldn’t stop himself from laughing: Jimmy’s dick was tiny. But the doctor was there to help, and unzipped his pants to show the couple what a real cock should look like.

Maia was happier than she had been in years seeing a nice cock instead of the shriveled prune her husband’s penis was. She ordered Jimmy to get Dr Axel’s cock ready for her to being treatment by making it wet. Jimmy didn’t understand so Maia pulled his head down and made Jimmy suck the doctor’s cock. Maia then took the black cock into her own mouth, humming happily to herself. The cuckold then had to watch as Dr Axel continued his wife’s treatment, slipping his dick inside of her as she moaned in a way Jimmy had never heard.