Latex mistress Jade Indica tests Mark Faechy's subservience with strapon pounding

Jade Indica is a ruthless mistress, using whatever methods are necessary to train her submissives. French-born Mark Faechy had come to learn under her tutelage, willing to do anything Mistress Indica ordered. When she put a chastity lock on him Mark accepted it unquestioningly, and today his mistress was inspecting the lock to see it had not been tampered with.

Mistress Indica was dressed in red latex, which she knew was a particular weakness of Mark’s and would excite him. The chastity lock would ensure his excitement would be contained and Jade took advantage of it, toying with the helpless male.

Jade had a special treat for Mark. She ordered him to get into a special bondage stand which would give her easy access to his ass. Mark was made to wear a gag so his moans wouldn’t bother Jade. Once Mark was in place mistress Indica put her strapon cock to use, pounding Mark’s ass mercilessly.