Mistress Lexi Sindel and Goddess Miki amuse themselves using naked submissive for strapon games

Serving two mistresses can be demanding but also very rewarding. Mistress Lexi Sindel and Goddess Miki give a lucky submissive that opportunity, having picked him because of his muscular frame and obedience. The two dommes will test his endurance and have fun doing it.

The masked submissive is bent over a metal frame, ass up in the air and hands and legs immobilized. Lexi uses an electric prod to tease the naked male, making him flinch like a little girl to the dommes’ great amusement. Miki takes the first go at the sub’s ass, pegging him with her strapon cock while Lexi looks on and laughs.

Then it’s Lexi’s turn to have fun with the submissive’s ass and she pounds him hard while Miki fills his mouth with more strapon. Mistress Lexi makes the submissive taste his own ass, presenting the strapon that was pegging him to lick clean.