Belle Noire finds stud to cuckold and humiliate sissy husband into sucking cock

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Being married to a wimp wasn’t something that Belle Noire had planned but it was what had happened. Marcelo wasn’t half the man that Belle needed, specially when it came to bedroom skills. His tiny cock couldn’t get Belle off so she had found a stud to get the job done that her husband couldn’t.

Wolf Hudson was a real man and he took charge of the situation right away, ordering the cuckold to be quiet while he fucked his wife. Marcelo took the abuse in silence, his weak character wouldn’t allow him to even think about complaining. Belle ordered the cuckold to make himself useful and eat her ass out, and even as the cuckold licked her Belle didn’t stop berating Marcelo, telling him how useless and bad he was at this simple task.

Belle wasn’t done humiliating her husband just yet. Marcelo was ordered to wear a ball gag and kneel while Belle rode Wolf’s big cock. She even used Marcelo’s face as a stool so Wolf could fuck her better, and when her lover shot his load over her breasts the cuckold was made to lick it clean. - Femdom TGP
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