Billy led a double life to please wife Presley Maddox: whenever he was in her presence he became a sissy. This meant wearing women’s panties and a wig, and Billy accepted it as punishment for not being able to satisfy Presley’s sexual needs. She needed a bigger cock than he had, and the only way that Billy could make Presley smile was when he wore his feminizing outfit.

Trying to keep his wife happy was difficult, and Billy had booked a vacation for them to try and fix things up. When Billy came home he found a strange man lying in their marital bed, watching Presley pack Billy’s panties for the trip. Billy’s face became red, but Presley didn’t care. She ordered Billy to put on his sissy outfit and parade in front of their guest, who just happened to be her lover. Wolf Hudson could fuck Presley properly, and she had invited him over to have fun before going on the trip.