Riley Reid trades her sissy husband’s puny cock for burglar’s big black cock

Married life was turning out to be a real pain in the ass for Riley Reid. She had thought marrying Dominik Kross would start a life filled with excitement which is what his punk look promised. But he turned out to be a big pussy, scared to take even the smallest risk. When a strange noise in the night woke them up she had to force him to go check it out because he was scared witless. That was not the kind of man she wanted by her side.

Shortly after her wimpy husband went to check out the strange noises he came back, being pushed by a big black man. The stranger had easily overpowered her sissy husband and this turned Riley on. The big muscular man took charge and Riley made sure her pussy was on his list. Dominik tried to object, but his complaints fell on deaf ears. He had to watch his wife spread her legs and moan in delight as the big black cock spread her pussy wide open, Riley’s eyes filled with delight at her cuckold husband’s agony. - Femdom TGP
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