Riley Reid cuckolds husband with the pool guy and makes him suck cock

Jimmy was surprised to see the pool guy back again so soon, but his wife Riley was suspiciously happy. Truth of the matter was that Riley was tired of her old husband’s tiny dick. Sure he was rich and could afford to give her the lifestyle she wanted, but when it came to fucking her properly Jimmy was broke. Riley had noticed that Mickey the pool guy carried a nice bulge between her legs and was determined to use it to get the pleasure her wrinkled old husband couldn’t give her.

The horny housewife invited Mickey to the pool house so they could be more comfortable. Once inside Riley took Mickey’s big black cock in her mouth, slurping happily when her husband came in. Jimmy was outraged but Riley put a quick stop to his complaining, making her husband take his pants off and forcing him to see the obvious difference between Mickey’s big black cock and Jimmy’s pitiful penis.

Jimmy was humiliated but Riley wasn’t done yet. Before Jimmy knew what was happening Riley grabbed his head and shoved the pool guy’s cock into Jimmy’s mouth. Riley then fucked Mickey, using her husband’s saliva as lube. The cuckold then watched his wife ride the pool guy’s cock, moaning in a way Jimmy had never seen. - Femdom TGP
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