Mistress Vicky takes control of Pauly Pablo’s ass with a big black dildo and her strapon

Mistress Vicky mouth-fucks Pauly Pablo with her strapon
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Pauly had fallen for Mistress Vicky and was now helplessly trapped. The femdom mistress was ruthless with Pauly, which only made his devotion for her stronger. She loved to test Pauly, to see if there were limits to his worship, and Pauly would always surprise her with his willingness to debase himself in order to please her. But today Vicky would see just how devoted Pauly really was.

She started by flogging his bare ass and Pauly accepted this in total silence. Vicky then told Pauly what she had planned for him, she would use her strapon to fuck his ass. Pauly was surprised but accepted his mistress’ orders. To prepare Pauly for strapon sex Vicky first used a big black dildo to stretch his ass.

Once Pauly’s rectum was prepared the mistress made him suck her strapped cock, enjoying immensely mouth-fucking the kneeling submissive. Once the strapon was wet with his spit Vicky fucked Pauly, pounding him relentlessly. Pauly accepted his fate, riding the strapon and as reward being allowed to cum over his mistress’ tits.

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